Fiona (semperfiona) wrote in stlpoly,

Welcome and all that

Welcome to stlpoly.

I hope it will be a way for those of us poly people in the St. Louis area to
find each other and form more of a community. We've had some luck so far
with various meetings, munches, and events, but I hope that some new people
will find us through this LJ meetingplace. I'm sure there are lots more of
us out there, all feeling like "I'm the only one!"

I'm not going to be strict in asking for on-topic posts, since my intent is
to start a community (or give the existing community another way to
connect), but this is not an adults-only place, so please keep conversation
and images to a PG-13 level. Suggestions for a community bio and or
interests gladly accepted, by the way. I just set up the minimum information
to get the thing opened.

None of us bite (hard) (unless asked) so please jump on in, and consider
yourself invited to any event posted here.

Existing real-life events

Poly Meetup: Sign up through; I think it's on Tuesdays but I
could be wrong. Can you tell I haven't been to this one yet? munin?

Munches at CiCi's: Every month on the second Saturday from 2-4. $3.99 buys
you all the pizza you can eat, and the conversation's free. CiCi's at
Colonial Plaza on Manchester, across from the Hacienda.

POly Discussion Group for Everyone (Podge): Every month on the first Friday
from 7:30-9:30. Community Arts and Media Project building at Minnesota and
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