Jenny Brown (skywind8) wrote in stlpoly,
Jenny Brown

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Poly Holidays

Hi. I just found this LJ community via google search, while trying to find STL area poly groups. Looks like it's been idle quite a while, so I thought I'd stir up conversation to help build community.

Someone recently pointed me towards the youtube video "12 Poly Days of Christmas" which was quite cute. It also got me thinking about poly during the holidays. My sweetie is visiting from out of town over Christmas; I look forward to spending the day with both my husband and my sweetie. Sometimes I'm a little sad that I can't easily share that joy with my birth family. I'm out to them but they don't really seem to understand. Still, I'm glad I can live my life my way and enjoy time with those I love.

How about you? Is poly introducing fun or odd aspects to your holiday season this year? Have stories to share?
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