Caitlyn (munin) wrote in stlpoly,

Doctor Recs?

Howdy all,

I’m appealing to the St. Louis masses because I’m on the hunt for a new primary care physician. My health care provider, such as it is, is Mercy Health Plans and I’d like to stay somewhat near my apartment (Tesson Ferry and 270) but given enough ringing recommendations I’d be willing to drive. I’ve got a massive listing of potential doctors at my finger tips and no way to reasonably sort through it.

It would be especially great if they’re knowledge able about poly and won’t blink (much) at the fact that I have a few partners.

I’m looking for recommendations but cautions are also appreciated. You can either comment to this post (potential memory?) or, if you’re more comfortable, feel free to send me email. My email address can be found in my user info but for convenience it’s soraidh at livejournal dot com

Thanks much!
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