Fiona (semperfiona) wrote in stlpoly,

PoDGE game night

As many of you already know, lavendargrrl and I are
co-facilitating the next PoDGE meeting. For those who don't, PoDGE is
"Polyamory Discussion Group for Everyone", and meets on the first Friday
of every month at CAMP, 3026 Cherokee St in St. Louis, MO.

Some conversation at the end of the last meeting and a lot of off-line
talk since has convinced us that we all need a night of socializing and
fun--a chance to get more acquainted with each other.

So, on April Fools' Night, it's going to be game night. We'll be
bringing Balderdash, Super Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and whatever else
from the games cabinet looks inspiring. Probably a few decks of cards
and a cribbage board, at minimum. Everyone is invited to bring their
favorite board or card game and try to teach it to us.

We'd appreciate it if some people who have folding tables and chairs
could bring them as well; the CAMP space doesn't really have enough
furniture for this.

New folks are particularly welcome this month (although we always
welcome newcomers) because there won't be any heavy or scary discussion,
just a chance to have fun and get to know some local poly people.
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